Whether you’re planning to purchase your first home, experiencing a life change, or looking towards retirement, you should expect a financial plan that is customized to your unique situation. At Brian Mallard & Associates we respect individual circumstances. We take each of our clients through a series of steps that help define their financial strategy.

  1. Look for a fit
    • Clarify what makes us different
    • Explain how we get paid and by whom
    • Review the details of our client agreements
  2. Understand your situation and goals
    • Define your personal and financial goals
    • Understand your timelines and expectations
    • Understand your risk tolerance
    • Gather information on your current financial situation
  3. Review your financial situation
    • Analyze your complete current financial situation
    • Review existing investments
  4. Establish a plan
    • Explain your options
    • Outline the impact of each choice
    • Show you where our fees are
    • Answer questions
    • Revise your plan as needed
  5. Implement your plan
    • Initiate the recommendations in areas where we have expertise
    • Provide coaching for other recommendations that require other professionals
  6. Monitor and Update
    • Ongoing monitoring of the progress and performance of your portfolio
    • Regular meetings to review your goals, timelines, and make adjustments
    • Assistance with life changes that affect your financial plan
    • Communication when industry or market events impact you or your portfolio
    • Regular portfolio statements that include performance information and fee details