29 09, 2015

Parents, are you currently saving for your children’s post-secondary education?

September 29th, 2015|

Sending the kids back to school this fall, many of us parents begin to contemplate just how quickly the time passes. It seems like just yesterday they were tiny babies in our arms, and one day not too long from now we’ll be sending them off to university or college. This last thought prompts a [...]

9 04, 2015

7 Investment Decisions that Matter

April 9th, 2015|

The following article provides some really good advice on what to focus on when it comes to making investment decisions. What isn't shown as a tip is to consult a financial planner or wealth advisor. The role of that professional advisor is to guide you along the path of these decisions. Also be aware that [...]

25 03, 2015

Tips for Snowbirds

March 25th, 2015|

Many of our retired clients either rent or own property south of the border to escape our Canadian winters. These snowbirds should be aware that there is a cross-border agreement in place that allows the IRS to track the exact amount of time Canadians spend in the US. Snowbirds must be diligent in ensuring they [...]

9 03, 2011

The Price at the Pumps

March 9th, 2011|

There is a difference between an event and a trend. An event is an occurrence, especially one that is particularly significant, interesting, exciting or unusual. A trend, on the other hand, is a general tendency, movement or direction. So, now that I have provided a definition of the difference, you might ask what does this [...]

2 03, 2011

Speeches at the Acadamy

March 2nd, 2011|

I made the mistake of watching the Academy Awards on Monday. It was a mistake because I rarely go to movies and had no idea whom the people were and what movies they were honoring. The reason that I bring this up is to point out a misconception voiced by one of the people who [...]